An object different from its reflection is chiral.

This project of Urban Chiral LLC is the restoration, renovation and
development of a business-residential condominium in the Swartz
Printing Company at 714 South 15th Street in Omaha, Nebraska.
Built in 1910, this two story brick edifice is located just a few blocks
west of the historic Old Market. The building is designated as an
Omaha Landmark and w
as added to the National Register of
Historic Places
in July of 2007.

Renovation plans include historical restoration of exterior and
interior surfaces including the entire storefront, exterior brick &
concrete surfaces, interior brick walls, interior plaster
walls/ceilings, doors, trims, and over 70 windows. Top grade
materials and green building techniques will be utilized in a
completely new installation of the electrical system, plumbing, and
heating/cooling. The developer is Laura Lenarz Shiffermiller and
the architect is Bahr Vermeer Haecker.